Meditation Bowls


The REGENERΔTE concept is about regenerating our connection to ourselves, our body and our surroundings. Meditation is a powerful way to achieve such regeneration. It allows us to check in with ourselves through introspective awareness and quiet the restless mind. From there we can train focused attention and conscious presence.

REGENERΔTE offers guided meditation which can be accompanied by the healing sounds of tibetan singing bowls. Guided meditation can be combined with ecstatic dance, as an intro into conscious movement.



In essence, the REGENERΔTE concept is about musical experience. DJ sets by Sï and live music by Mike circle through a wide  variety of forms and energies, taking the listener on a journey through sound. REGENERΔTE has performed at ecstatic dance events, festivals, clubs and other events from  the Netherlands to Hong Kong, and from Taiwan to Switzerland.

Examples of dj sets can be heard on Mixcloud. REGENERΔTE  original music is realeased on Bandcamp. For bookings and inquiries, please refer to the contact button below. DJ sets can be combined with both visuals and meditation.



REGENERΔTE offers the possibility to rent a soundsystem for events up to 150 people, with or without technical support. This can, of course, be combined with our other offerings. The REGENERΔTE soundsystem offers clear sound of up to 105db and includes a decibel meter to prevent causing hearing damage for participants.

The soundsystem consists of two subwoofers, two PA speakers, a 16-channel mixer, a crossover, and all neccessary cables. The equipment is of premium quality ensuring a clear and vivid listening experience for event attendees.



Besides meditation and music, the REGENERΔTE concept can be expanded with visual experiences. We offer the long-lost art of liquid light shows, where colourful liquids are projected onto a large surface. This creates psychedelic lava-lamp-like visuals which are created and controlled in an analogue manner, making it feel alive and synchronous with the music.

Liquid light shows are offered at art galleries, festivals, and other music events, and can be combined with REGENERΔTE DJ sets and ecstatic dance, enhancing the experience of the subject with a visual layer.



REGENERΔTE is hosting its very own ecstatic dance for beautiful souls to move and rest their bodies in a journey through music. Together, we create a completely sober and safe space where we can express ourselves through movement, whilst letting go of all fears and judgements. Whether one wants to  lay down for two hours, or release your inner wild animal and let out all your energy – all souls are welcome. With regenerative food, drinks and connections, we invite you to join us on an adventure with a REGENERΔTE Ecstatic Dance.


A weekly donation-based meditation in Delft, a space to connect and meditate in Silence. There is free parking, tea and snacks. The program includes Guided Shamanic drumming meditation, Silence, connection, tea and chocolate. We do this every Monday! Our mission is to bring people in contact with rest and silence trough different events. We aim on reaching a new generation of people who are interested in spirituality. We organize ecstatic dance, meditations, jam sessions, concerts and more!


BEZWEEFD Ecstatic Dance! Going is always special. A beautiful warming up with a breathwork session to increase oxygen, resulting in higher ph levels in your body which will make the immune system & cardiovascular system function better. Nirvida Lifestyle will provide a primitive movement class, getting you in touch with your primitive and animalistic side. €25,- all in price so you don’t have to worry about anything. Join this beautiful ecstatic dance if you feel the calling.


Dragonseed Camp is run by all of the attendants. With a system of Focalizers we make sure we can share delicious food, have a functional infrastructure and clean spaces. There are 3 open space slots each day, filled with offers and requests from all that are present. The people navigate with impulses, tensions and initiatives coming from the group. Everyone is asked to find their own authentic balance point, stepping into a collective experiment to leave behind “scarcity thinking”  and explore what happens with a mindset of abundant gifting and receiving. At the end of the camp an ecstatic dance session takes place.